Class B Autoclave

A reliable pre and post vacuum Autoclave, designed for the sterilization needs of Dental and Medical Clinics.

Class B Autoclave

The fastest, hospital grade, Dental pre & post vacuum tabletop sterilizer, dramatically decreases cycle time.

Dental Pre-Vacuum Autoclave

The Nova is a pre & post vacuum sterilizer that uses the most advanced tabletop technology available.

Fully Automatic Autoclave Line

With extra fast and efficient drying cycles, the EKA and EA autoclaves significantly increase your productivity. These two models have the added benefit of a high efficiency air pump which allows closed door active drying. The EKA and EA are built for perfect sterilization with improved drying of packs and pouches.

Automatic Autoclave Line

The EK the quick cycle mode decreases heating time by over 50%, resulting in fast and efficient sterilization cycles and quick instrument turnaround. The EK is the perfect choice for the active clinic. The standard E model provides all the dependable features of the automatic autoclave line.

Autoclaves for Private Clinics

The Semi-Automatic Autoclave is an affordable sterilizer for private clinics that do not want to compromise on quality, safety and reliability.

Semi-Automatic Autoclave
  • Auto-shutoff at completion of cycle
  • Overheat Safety protection
  • Automatic night mode shutoff
  • 23 Liter chamber volume
  • sterilizes and dries in a single action
  • Affordable price