Elara 11 Class B Autoclave

  • 28 Liter chamber volume
  • High speed Class B performance with built-in steam generator
  • Advanced control system with multi-color display
  • Download cycle data your USB memory device
  • Built-in water quality checking feature
  • Self-locking door with double safety locking mechanism


Exceptional Performance & Exceptional Results

The Elara 11 tabletop autoclave is a reliable and robust Class B Autoclave designed for the needs of modern clinics where autoclaves are expected to meet sophisticated international standards and operate non-stop every day. Elara Autoclaves are designed for the sterilization processing needs of Medical Clinics, Dental Clinics and Veterinary Clinics.

Fast Cycles with Vacuum Pump and Steam Generator

Reliable Membrane Pump for Vacuum

• Air is removed from the chamber using an efficient and reliable vacuum pump
• Air cooling system ensures reliable functioning of the vacuum-pump

Steam Generator

• A 3kW built-in steam generator made of high quality 316L stainless steel produces steam that is ready for immediate use allowing for very fast cycles

Class B Performance

Class B performance is achieved with a built-in vacuum pump used for fractionated pre vacuum air removal eliminating air pockets from all load types and maximizing efficient steam penetration throughout the entire load.

Self Locking Door

• Newly designed door is easy to open and close with one hand
• Self locking with double safety locking mechanism

Safety Features

• Cycle will not start if the door is open or not properly locked
• An automated double locking safety device prevents the door from opening while the chamber is pressurized
• Safety locking device prevents door from opening until chamber pressure reaches atmospheric pressure

Energy Saver

• The energy saver mode can be set to activate after a specific number of minutes of no operation

Convenient Water Filling

• Accessible front or top water filling
• Front water filling allows you to use the space above the autoclave
• Automatic feed water (optional) will automatically fill the autoclave

Water Quality Check

• The water reservoir includes a built-in system for checking water quality and alerts the user of poor water quality