Bulk Waste Autoclave

  • 1500 to 4000 Liter autoclave chamber volume
  • High volume waste treatment
  • Pre and post vacuum pump
  • Thermal Effluent System
  • Self-diagnostic control system provides clear messages and alerts
  • Reduced cycle cooling times for faster cycles


The medical waste bulk autoclave line is designed for high volume waste treatment. The autoclaves have pre and post vacuum capabilities. A wide range of sizes and upgrades are available to meet the ever-growing demands of medical waste facilities.

Chamber volume between 1500 and 4000 liters


  • Optional advanced control system with touch screen control
  • Automatic or manual loading systems
  • Manual or automatic door systems
  • Pre-vacuum air stream sterilization
  • Printer for a clear and concise documentation of the sterilization process
  • HEPA air filter

Medical-Medical Waste Autoclaves-Bulk Autoclave-Tuttnauer

Door Safety

  • No door will open if there is still pressure in the chamber
  • No door will open if the chamber or load temperature is too high
  • In a double door system it is impossible to open two doors simultaneously
  • Door will open if an object is detected in front of the door during closing