Large Waste Autoclave

  • 250 to 1300 Liter autoclave chamber volume
  • Processes high volumes of medical waste
  • Automatic or manual loading
  • Pre-Vacuum Exhaust Air Treatment
  • Thermal Effluent System
  • Reduced cycle cooling times for faster cycles


The Medical Waste Autoclave Line is designed to service hospitals and large medical centers that need to process high volumes of medical waste safely and on site.

Chamber volume between 250 and 1300 liters


  • Automatic or manual loading system
  • Manual or automatic door system
  • Pre-vacuum air stream sterilization
  • Optional advanced control system with touch screen control
  • HEPA air filter

Medical-Large Waste Autoclaves-Tuttnauer

Autoclave Safety

Door Safety

  • Chamber door cannot be opened when chamber is pressurized
  • Steam cannot enter the chamber when the door is open
  • A cycle cannot start if the door is open or not properly locked
  • Sliding door movement is stopped if an object is detected in front of the door

Safety Valves

Both chamber and jacket are equipped with pressure relief valves to prevent excess chamber pressure.

Steam Supply

Saturated steam can be supplied to the autoclave from building steam, a stand-alone generator, or a steam-tosteam generator.

Emergency Shut-Off

Easily accessible emergency switches for immediate cycle shut-off.

Double Independent Monitoring

Digital and mechanical monitoring systems provide accurate pressure results which are displayed on the analog and digital displays.